Ticket purchase conditions

Version: 10/01/2020

General Terms and Conditions for Ticket Buyers

The following provides the terms and conditions of use for the purchase of tickets via AULA.LV (hereinafter referred to as the “Ticketshop”).

The Organizer is the party that is selling the ticket(s) to you and who is responsible for these tickets.

In case you have any questions regarding the tickets or your purchase, you can contact the Organizer.

The Organizer uses the technology and services of AULA EVENTS, SIA with registered office in Riga, Latvia, Ganibu Dambis 24D, company Reg No: 41503081894 (hereinafter referred to as “AULA.LV”).

AULA.LV acts as the payment processor of the tickets.

AULA.LV takes responsibility for all the payment transactions on the Ticketshop If there are any questions or complaints regarding ticket purchase process, you can always contact our helptesk email:  All other questions regarding event or venue please contact Organizer.

When you register on the Ticketshop as a user (hereinafter referred to as “Ticket Buyer”), you accept the following terms and conditions for the use of the Ticketshop.

1. AULA.LV facilitates the ticketing on behalf of the event organizers who use the technology and services of AULA.LV. All information regarding these events is provided by the Organizer, and AULA.LV cannot be held liable for any changes regarding venue, date, price or any other event related information, nor for the cancellation of an event.

2. If the Ticket Buyer wishes to order a ticket, he will have to go through the full ordering procedure. During this procedure, the Ticket Buyer will have to provide certain information that is required to deliver the ticket. The Ticket Buyer ensures that this information is correct and up to date.

3. The Organizer, and AULA.LV on behalf of the Organizer are entitled to cancel the selling procedure if they have reason to doubt the accuracy of the information.

4. The Ticket Buyer acknowledges and accepts that it is technically impossible to achieve 100% availability of the Ticketshop. The Organizer/AULA.LV will nevertheless make every effort to ensure constant website availability. Events related to maintenance, security or capacity requirements, and/or events beyond the control of the Organizer/ AULA.LV, such as disruptions in public communication networks, blackouts… may result in brief malfunctions or temporary suspensions of the services provided through the Ticketshop.

5. When the Ticket Buyer proceeds to purchase one or more tickets from the Organizer, he enters into an agreement with the Seller with regard to the ticketing, and the access to and the organization of the event. The Ticket Buyer acknowledges that AULA.LV remains extraneous to this agreement. The Organizer is the Ticket Buyer’s only point of contact with regard to the execution of this agreement. The Ticket Buyer accepts that besides these terms and condition, other terms and conditions might have been drawn up by the Organizer of the event. AULA.LV is not responsible for these conditions and terms and holds no liability in this respect. AULA.LV does not bear the risk of the Organizer's insolvency.

However, AULA.LV takes full responsibility for all payment processing on the Ticketshop.

By clicking on the "confirm Purchase" button, the Ticket Buyer enters into an agreement in the sense of this article 5. The agreement between the Ticket Buyer and the Organizer shall become effective at the moment that the purchase is confirmed by AULA.LV.

In the case of a cancelled event, the Ticket Buyer can only submit a claim for a refund of the paid ticket price against the respective Organizer. Such requirements are regulated by law or, where applicable, by the terms and conditions of the Organizer.

6. It is technically impossible for AULA.LV to determine with absolute certainty whether a registered user (Ticket Buyer or Organizer) is the user who he claims to be. Therefore, AULA.LV does not bear any responsibility as to the true identity of a user. Every user is solely responsible for checking the true identity of the user with whom he gets into contact or who uses his account.

7. Only the Ticket Buyer is bound to the payment of the tickets, even when he buys the latter for a third party. The tickets may not be resold, nor be transferred to third parties within the context of a commercial relationship. The Ticket Buyer shall take full responsibility for any legal consequences resulting from reselling the tickets. The Organizer/ AULA.LV can under no circumstances be held liable.

8. The right of withdrawal does not exist since the Ticket Buyer allows the provision of the service by the immediate booking of the ticket. Therefore, every order of tickets becomes binding upon the order confirmation from AULA.LV and obliges the Ticket Buyer to accept and pay the ordered tickets.

9. The offered payment methods may vary from event to event. The Ticket Buyer cannot require additional payment methods from AULA.LV or the Organizer. If payments can also be made by bank transfer, the Ticket Buyer shall always make sure that the full deposit amount will be transferred while mentioning the correct structured communication, which can be found in the payment instructions email, sent in advance. Any bank charges related to the transfer (such as for payments outside the EU area) will be totally borne by the Ticket Buyer. AULA.LV or the Organizer may refuse the order if the amount received, linked to the structured communication, does not match the previously sent payment instructions.

10. The texts, the database containing the data, the design, the photos and the illustrations are the intellectual property of the Organizer/ AULA.LV, or of the suppliers or third parties with whom they have made agreements. Any distribution, reproduction, sale or exploitation of this information is strictly prohibited without their express prior consent.

11. The Ticket Buyer may report activities of another user who is violating applicable laws and/or these terms and conditions, by using the contact form which is available through the Ticketshop.

12. The Organizer/AULA.LV acknowledges that all data provided by the Ticket Buyer are critical and will therefore be very careful in handling these data. The Organizer/AULA.LV comply with all the applicable data security laws (European data protection directives and any other applicable data protection legislation). In particular, AULA.LV shall not transmit nor expose the user's personal data to a third party without the user’s authorization.

13. By accepting these terms and conditions, the Ticket Buyer agrees that:

a. the Organizer/AULA.LV collects, uses and processes his personal data to deliver and process the purchased tickets. These data include his name and address, as well as usage data such as user name, password, and IP address. When purchasing tickets on behalf of third parties, the Ticket Buyer acknowledges that he has been entitled to do so and that he has been granted permission to process the third party's personal data as provided in these terms and conditions.

b. AULA.LV, in so far as it is absolutely necessary in individual cases, is allowed to collect, use and process personal and usage data, to prevent and combat illegal actions.

c. AULA.LV is allowed to collect, use or process personal and usage data, even after the termination of the account, in case of abusive use of the Ticketshop or in case of possible illegal actions performed by the user.

14. The purchased ticket will be delivered as an e-ticket. It will be sent by email in the form of a pdf file. This e-ticket must be printed and shown as an admission ticket. The Ticket Buyer must make sure that all the elements, and especially the bar codes, are printed clearly and legibly. In case of doubt, the Seller may deny access. Each bar code is only valid once, unless otherwise indicated.

15. The authenticity of this e-ticket can only be guaranteed if it is purchased through the Ticketshop. The Ticket Buyer should remain vigilant with regard to so-called 'opportunities' offered by third parties or when purchasing tickets through other channels.

16. The Organizer/AULA.LV EU does not accept any responsibility for any mistake made by the Ticket Buyer during the order processing, such as ordering the wrong number of tickets or type of event. The cancellation of an order and/or the ticket exchange is only possible after having received the explicit consent of the Organizer organizing the event in question. In case of cancellation by the Ticket Buyer, the booking fees will not be refunded and he will have to pay a cancellation fee of 3 €; if the event is cancelled by the Organizer, no fees will be charged to the Ticket Buyer and the full amount will be refunded by the Organizer. The Ticket Buyer acknowledges that this refund obligation only applies to the Organizer and that AULA.LV, being the mere provider of the platform, has no liability in this respect.

17. AULA.LV provides its services in a professional manner, but does not guarantee that these services will be uninterrupted and error-free. AULA.LV cannot be held liable for indirect damage, such as, but not limited to, loss of an opportunity, missed revenue… For direct damage, suffered on grounds of both contractual and non-contractual liability, the liability of AULA.LV will be limited to the highest of the following values: 500 € or the value of the purchased tickets in connection with the shortcoming of AULA.LV.

18. The Ticket Buyer may submit notifications to AULA.LV whether by using the contact form provided on the Website, whether by letter. AULA.LV may send notifications to the Ticket Buyer by email via the email address indicated in the contact details of the Ticket Buyer's account.

19. Should one or more provisions of these General Terms and Conditions become wholly or partially invalid or void, the remaining provisions of these General Terms and Conditions shall remain fully in force.

20. The purchases are considered to have been effected in the country in which the event in question is organized. These terms and conditions, as well as the contractual relationship, shall be governed by the law applicable in that country.

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